Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Faux Pas.

So this post is coming LONG after it should have come.
I'm a lazy bum.
Anyhoo, this post is about fashion mistakes I see everyday and some of my pet-peeves for men. These are things I'm careful about when dressing everyday and I think being careful about them can only do good things.

First up, capri pants for MEN! I HATE HATE HATE these. It makes you look fat, frumpy and just plain ugly.

Second piece of blasphemy, black socks with sneakers. This is just one of those obvious things that so many people end up doing and all you can do is to keep yourself from ripping their dimwitted heads off.

Third in line is another very big pet peeve of mine, chunky formal shoes with THICK soles. They're just ugly and tacky and make you look stumpy. They will definitely bring down your credibility by multiple notches.
Another extremely annoying thing to see is people "bling up" and think it looks uber cool. The Audigier shirts and dollar sign belt buckles and most of all dangling earrings (on MEN!! Really!?).

Do you feel my pain?

Hair gel is another thing I've never been able to fathom. It can only make you hair look worse and isn't particularly good for your hair either. So, why I ask?

And finally, two pet peeves that annoy me, one more than the other. Tight T-shirts on guys with far from perfect bods and black shirts with suits. I think wearing body inappropriate clothing just highlights your flaws and that's never good, right? And, as for the latter issue, it doesn't bother me as much but a black shirt with a black suits just looks so drab and is too gangsta' for my taste. And not gangsta' in a good way.

See my point?

Not badass. Just bad.

Do you have any Pet Peeves when it comes to dressing?