Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Moment of Truth: Marc Jacobs

So MBFWNY has been over for a while and a sabbatical from college is the reason for my tardiness. So I've been poring over show pictures for a few days and although like any other FW fanboy I loved Schouler and Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs was a show I'm still on the fence about. Jacobs has always been my favourite but some looks this time didn't quite cut it. Trust me I tried loving all of it. but sometimes the mind trumps the heart.

So here we go, the HITS first.

White and Black always works and the textures worked together.

Dot's a helluva nice outfit! Wow I'm lame.

Loving the rubber skirt and the metallic sweater with the shirt and patent leather bag.

Organza FTW! And nude is always awesome.

Loving the blue, loving the maroon and the supercute tights.

And now, LE POO

Starch. Too Much. Stuck. In. Jacket.

Tacky monochrome camouflage.


Being as politically correct as I can I would like to say," Oil spill, much?"

Bad Victorian night-clothes.

Scary poppins.

So you tell me. Did'ya like Marc's show? 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So generously proportioned models have been all the rage for a while now and apparently the concept is gaining momentum. And this bothers me a wee bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% for more a inclusive fashion industry and plus-sized models would have been a giant leap for the industry, if they were considered a part of the modelling crop. What I see more often than not is that the plus sized girl is very generously proportioned and serves more as a novelty centerpiece than as just another model. I understand that it can take getting used to but don't you think it would be more politically correct if they weren't made to wear clothes 17 sizes too tight? I mean you want to celebrate their bodies, not make them look like oddities; just another publicity gimmick. How about something more flattering.
Presenting the evidence:

Although some designers have begun to take plus sized models more seriously, there is room for progress. 

Personally, I think 'well-proportioned' models fill out clothes SO much better. I think a size 6 is WAY hotter than a size 0/2. For some reason my illustrations have started gravitating towards bigger-bottomed girls, which I love! I mean an ass on a girl is always good, ja?
Also, here's the article from The Cut (NYMag)  which inspired this ultra-late post. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, I wish we'd see some in India also! I'd love to see some of the STUNNING women of the country as part of the fash frat.

Ciao Ciao

Monday, February 7, 2011

Talk about proud moments!

Manish Arora's been appointed Paco Rabanne's new Creative Director and he starts showing in October for Spring 2012! I've always loved his sensibilities and although his clothes were a little 'out there' for my taste, I think his collection for Paco Rabanne will lead him to distill his aesthetic into more wearable clothing which is definitely something I'm looking forward to. It's high time Indian designers were recognised on the world stage and this is the first actual sign of confidence that Indian designers can design for the world. Also, I'm glad that finally there's going to be an INDIAN designer who takes inspiration from India.