Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So generously proportioned models have been all the rage for a while now and apparently the concept is gaining momentum. And this bothers me a wee bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% for more a inclusive fashion industry and plus-sized models would have been a giant leap for the industry, if they were considered a part of the modelling crop. What I see more often than not is that the plus sized girl is very generously proportioned and serves more as a novelty centerpiece than as just another model. I understand that it can take getting used to but don't you think it would be more politically correct if they weren't made to wear clothes 17 sizes too tight? I mean you want to celebrate their bodies, not make them look like oddities; just another publicity gimmick. How about something more flattering.
Presenting the evidence:

Although some designers have begun to take plus sized models more seriously, there is room for progress. 

Personally, I think 'well-proportioned' models fill out clothes SO much better. I think a size 6 is WAY hotter than a size 0/2. For some reason my illustrations have started gravitating towards bigger-bottomed girls, which I love! I mean an ass on a girl is always good, ja?
Also, here's the article from The Cut (NYMag)  which inspired this ultra-late post. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, I wish we'd see some in India also! I'd love to see some of the STUNNING women of the country as part of the fash frat.

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  1. I agree with you on this....its about the collection not the plus size model on display....but some designers do it right...Look at Libertine's size models in the right size clothes.

  2. Is this the show?
    Because if it is, I can't even tell the plus sized models from the rest. :S

  3. OMG, I'm mistaken! computer's f*cked and sometimes widens out images...I thought the first girl was plus sized! :S

    I guess there isn't a designer that's done the 'plus size thing' right then!