Monday, April 25, 2011


Leela Naidu was the most gorgeous woman in the world.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Effortless cool is a detailed process" -Ben Sherman (Part Dos)

As promised, the outfit post!
I liked SO many things at the store that it was impossible to try on everything. So I rationed and picked out a few favourites. These are clothes which I think are uber versatile and  can be mixed, matched and reinterpreted into many different outfits and given the steadfastly high street shopper I am, that's a brilliant thing!

Houndstooth Collar Shirt. Beige Plaid Lined Cotton Jacket.

 Target Logo Tee. Black Waxed Denim Bomber Jacket.

 Olive Wool Military Peacoat.

 Red and Navy Gingham Shirt. Waxed Carrot Jeans.

Chunky Knit Double Breasted Navy Cardigan.

Patterned Slim Fit Shirt.

This is what I wore. 
Tee - Bangkok Street. Waistcoat - Zara Man. Shorts - Reworked Gap Linen Pants. Shoes - Pedro. Watch - My superawesome Tommy Hilfiger chrono watch.

 Yes, we are self obsessed like that.
So tell me what you guys think, liking LOVING th looks?
I knew it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Effortless cool is a detailed process" -Ben Sherman (Part Une)

The omgsoawesome store display!

So I was picked as a prospective Style Scout for Fashion Fast Forward in Singapore and I was invited to cover the new Ben Sherman store opening at Paragonon the 9th of April! I'm sorry for the late post, I had stupid exams. =6
Fun Jam Band was performing (which I missed =\ ) and there was a bar with Steinlager beer, which by the way, is deelish!

Ben Sherman is this ohsocool Brit men's fashion brand with the most AMAZING clothes! Think skinny jeans, gingham in every size and colour and lots of outerwear! There is no better combination in my opinion, and when I entered the store I couldn't stop staring at everything. It was choc-a-bloc with preppy British insignia and given my love of the Union Jack, my heart was aflutter! I got to check out (read: try on everything and run around the store in circles with my hands in the air) their Spring Summer 2011 collection which was uber-cool and super stylish. I picked a few pieces out I just loved and tried them on . You can see the rest at their Online Store!

I took a LOT of pictures so I'm going to do two posts, one with pictures of the swanky new store and the next with pictures of me and the outfits I tried on!

Preppy is LOVE!

I loved this shelf display! I love when stores have books in them, especially books that look so good!

How cool is this chair? I sat in it and refused to get up. I had to be pried away!

This is where the Fun Jam Band was supposed to be playing but I missed their performance. If only there were no exams. 

Wool peacoats are LUST-WORTHY. I wouldn't need it in Singapore, but if I did, I would SO buy this one.

 How cool is the Union Jack on this polo?

Isn't the gingham lining so so chic!

More gingham! The hangers of happiness!

You know, I don't usually go for printed shirts but this one stole my heart. And chunky knit cardigans have always been a weakness!

 How can any British label be complete without Houndstooth! And I love the fact that only the collar is patterned. Very, very cool.

Hello, plaid!

 Ben Sherman polos make for a pretty picture!

Yummy Steinlager!

So all in all it was a delightful opening and it was so cool to see so many brilliant clothes! I HAVE to go back and pick up SO many things. I bet my Dad'll hate the place, given how huge a dent it will be creating in his wallet. 

Psssst. How awesome is my Spongebob keyring? I bought it on vacation and I can't but smile everytime I see it

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I couldn't not post this.

Yes, I stole it from Imsu.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Karl, you beast.

Karl Lagerfeld designed a Spongebob meets Lagerfeld figurine/plushie for a WWF charity auction in Paris and it went for 1000 Euro. He's such a star!
Apparently, it was in 2009. Why am I hearing about this only now?

Now that is what you call BAD. ASS.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trendspotting: Ba Da Bling Ba Da Boom!

Guess who's been trawling Net-A-Porter again?

(Click for a larger view)

Clockwise from top left:
Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch
Moschino Cheap & Chic Pencil Skirt 
Adam Jacquard Dress
Tory Burch Clutch
Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Ring
Alexander McQueen Wedge Heels
Lanvin Insect Cuff