Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Effortless cool is a detailed process" -Ben Sherman (Part Dos)

As promised, the outfit post!
I liked SO many things at the store that it was impossible to try on everything. So I rationed and picked out a few favourites. These are clothes which I think are uber versatile and  can be mixed, matched and reinterpreted into many different outfits and given the steadfastly high street shopper I am, that's a brilliant thing!

Houndstooth Collar Shirt. Beige Plaid Lined Cotton Jacket.

 Target Logo Tee. Black Waxed Denim Bomber Jacket.

 Olive Wool Military Peacoat.

 Red and Navy Gingham Shirt. Waxed Carrot Jeans.

Chunky Knit Double Breasted Navy Cardigan.

Patterned Slim Fit Shirt.

This is what I wore. 
Tee - Bangkok Street. Waistcoat - Zara Man. Shorts - Reworked Gap Linen Pants. Shoes - Pedro. Watch - My superawesome Tommy Hilfiger chrono watch.

 Yes, we are self obsessed like that.
So tell me what you guys think, liking LOVING th looks?
I knew it!


  1. Sorry about the hiatus but Danke!

  2. Haha. Yes we are loving the look. :D Especially the last one. I'd totally click if I saw you walking around like that on the streets.