Monday, May 10, 2010

Van Heusen Men's Fashion(?) Week.

I just found out that there was a Men's Fashion Week in Delhi November last year, so I went over to the website to check out the stuff that was showed. I was, to put it politely, dumbstruck at how amateurish and un-retailable the collections were. Even the designers that usually show fantastic stuff were major let-downs.
Below, I've picked out a few significant looks from the collections and basically expressed my personal views on them.

Exhibit A: Rajesh Pratap Singh
He is probably my current favourite Indian designer. His stuff was good with a quite a few exceptions.

That jacket is great and that 'lungi' print scarf is gorgeous. I've had that in my head forever.

I understand showmanship, but this print goes a bit far in my opinion. The shorts silhouette is great and very summer but I'd rather see it in a different colour.

Again, nice separates. I think the tee is nice.

This 'desi' plaid blazer is perfect. It's probably my favourite piece from the entire event.

Exhibit B: Rohit Bal
He has great showmanship and even though his designs can be a little bit out there, you can usually see their toned down versions on racks.

This is my favourite look from the show. That jacket is perfect for a wedding party.

Okay, so what in the world is that? Over-designed to point of CRAZY!

This look I actually like a lot, except for the slightly jarring velvet cuff and collar.

That print is chic, but I don't know if it would sell on a Sherwani, being a little feminine.

Exhibit C: Ravi Bajaj for Men
He usually has great suits and in general well constructed garments. This time was an exception to say the least and his collection looked dated.

This is a trainwreck according to me. Wrinkled poly-blend(?) + gold sheen= (Like Beyonce would say) A disastuh!

I like this silhouette but slouchy velvet is NEVER the way to go. I would have loved the look if it was silk or even mul.

I don't know what this fabric is so I'm a little iffy about it, but points for the cut.

Conceptually, great! End result,meh.

Exhibit D: Siddartha Tyler
I've only ever seen his stuff once before this and I was exceptionally impressed then. I think this collection was mucho ordinary and could have been much better.

Yeah, so about that shirt. I'd just like to say, no. Never.

This look is great though, everything works really well together and as separates. That murse could be roomier though.

That jacket is plain and simple hideous. I can not see it anywhere except maybe Vishal Mega Mart.

Exhibit E: Gaurav Gupta
This man always has a point to bring across and he usually does. This time, though, I think he fell short by a whisker.

Although I do like embellished shoulders on women's apparel, probably not on men's.

This look was finally driving a point home. Men CAN rock sheen and look masculine while they do it. And it's well constructed.

Billowing sleeves should have stayed with Jack Sparrow. Also, that print is too busy although those pants could be interesting.

Although I think those pants are plain creepy, that shirt detail is intriguing.

Exhibit F (phew!): Shantanu and Nikhil
Okay I'm going to end this post with this and the rest will be up tomorrow. Shantanu and Nikhil have consistently delivered classic chic looks for women and I think they forgot this was a men's show and fashion week not the theatre. Their clothes were unbearably costumey and bordered in tacky.

That would make a great gown. I don't think we're ready for man-dresses yet.

Man Dress 2

Man Dress 3

Velvet is SO last decade. On saris. That colour does the sherwani no favours and the matador(?) detail tanked.

So yes. That's all for now. This is solely my opinion on the shows and any offence caused is meant. I don't want to insult some of the clothes, but I've been given no option.


  1. Seriously Indian designers fail miserably in menswear department.. Gaurav Gupta's silhouttes were quite interesting and RPS's Desi tweed jacket was beyond doubt the highest point of the show!
    Great post! Oh yeah, Sahil Shroff is soo droolworthy!

  2. Hahah
    I agree with EVERYTHING!
    Thanks for coming. ;)