Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miuccia Prada's goin' Banananananas?

Prada's Spring 2011 showing at Milan was abso-fucking-lutely legendary. I can't say I love love loved it but it was a helluva show. The banana and monkey prints were genius. Not because they were great prints but because they were the kind of prints that could potentially go very wrong and she made 'em work. I never thought Prada was the kind of house that would do something this out-there. I thought that was the kind of stuff Richie Rich and D-Squared would do. Fine, maybe Marc Jacobs, on a rave would create something to a similar effect but Prada. Uh-uh.

Her take is supposedly baroque which I can totally see but I just love how she's infuses this heady dose of pop art into the print. Even a lot of the other clothes had a neon colour palette and that's never bad. Miss Prada, hats off to ye.

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