Saturday, May 21, 2011


So I've been in a bit of a slump lately and haven't really been in the posting mood. But here's some obligatory stuff.

Firstly, I didn't win the FFF Style Scout title. =( I know, right? Ha, no worries though. Maybe next time!
But I thought I'd show you guys my outfit and my inspiration write up, so here it is:
Yes, those are leggings under the shorts!

Although I wouldn’t call my style antifashion, it’s comfortably afashion. I love pairing clothes I bought seasons ago with pieces I find in unexpected places. My personal style is eclectic and thus that translates into the outfit I crafted for today. A lot of my inspiration comes from street style and I think Italian men are the chic-est men in the world. Their sensibilities range from perfectly tailored and curiously whimsical to effortlessly complex. My favourite season is Spring, the time when there’s still a chill in the air but the sun shines bright and that is the season my outfit channels. It doesn’t want to let go of Winter’s rich, deep neutrals but embraces Spring’s flashes of colour.
This is exactly what I would wear in Milan on a sunny Spring afternoon. The nautical stripes are reminiscent of the sea and the layering creates an interesting silhouette. The bird pin, bow on the trilby and viscose shirt add the element of whimsical androgyny and the juxtaposition with the heavy canvas of the overshirt and tights generates textural depth. The Italian love for ‘luxe’ obligates the inclusion of the woven leather belt and the deep, rich tan compliments the colours perfectly.
In essence, this outfit embodies my aesthetic sense. It is simple yet complex and it retains a subtlety which whispers,” style” instead of screaming “trendy.” It is carelessly cool. It is me.

And secondly, this is just something I did when I was bored the other day. Everything is from Net-a Porter. I'll put in the product deets another time. 

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