Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dreaming of Sapna!

Mad O Wot bandra
OMG Sapna Bhavnani is waytoocool!
This started with me going in for a haircut at Mad O Wat when I was interning in Bombay last summer and as I fell in love with the city's vibe, I also fell in love with the salon. It's the funkiest, coolest, kitsch-iest place I have been to, like ever. And it's owned and run by a stud who goes by the name Sapna Bhavnani.
I was just curious about her so I started following their Facebook page and I think they are uber cool. I mean if I was in Bombay, there is no way I wouldn't be interning/assisting/apprentice-ing with them. And the Mad O Wot website is one of my favourite websites ever. It's the perfect, most delicious blend of  Bambaiya, Kitsch & Crazy.
Then I stumbled onto Sapna Bhavnani's personal website and that is a whole other level of funky. Check out the screenshots below! So basically I can't stop waxing eloquent about Sapna or Mad O Wot. So tell you what? Check it out for yourself and decide.

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  1. oh the place is awesome! i got a hair cut there once and it was amazing!