Monday, March 14, 2011

Trendspotting: Neon

So I was shopping the new arrivals at Net-a-Porter and I noticed this pattern. A pattern I really really like. Neons.
Bright, luscious, POW colours for spring. Yes, very predictable, but great nonetheless! I've always been a fan of neons and these pieces from the catalogue stood out. Every single one of these pieces can cut right through a muted look for that punch spring calls for. I've always been a fan of statement pieces and these just feed the greedy little 'chic' monster inside me. It never satiates, does it?

Smythson iPad Case. Jil Sander Printed Skirt. Burberry Prorsum Belt. Bally Colour-Blocked Dress. Miu Miu Stilettos. 


  1. great collage!
    i can't get over that jill sander skirt!!

  2. Right? I could stop staring at it!

  3. Neon is the way to go and I'm definitely hearting those Miu Mius!:)