Friday, March 23, 2012


Everyone has favourites in their wardrobes right? A tie with an interesting story behind it. A belt that goes with everything. 

These things get special loving, and you always reach for them when you want to feel good about yourself. Here are some of the things that I'm partial to. It's a collection I've curated over the past few years and one I hope to keep adding to once I bring home my own paycheck (which should be soon hopefully!).

These Ray Bans were given to me by my grandfather. He wore them and then my uncle did, and now I wear them! They're the perfect size and shape and there's something about the gold frames that gives them a cool vintage vibe.

Chunky watches have always been my go-to and when I saw this watch looking up at me in the display case, I had to buy it. You can see how well worn it is from the discoloured belt. I love the aeronautical vibe and wearing it makes me feel a little bit better everyday. Next up, a rose gold brown-leather strap beaut.

My favourite scarf is also my only one. This HE by Mango crushed muslin scarf makes a great accent for everything from blazers to T-shirts and even a kurta. And the best bit is that the messier I tie it, the better it looks.


I don't have too many pocket squares but I love these two silk squares I had made. My next one will be white linen with black piping and rounded edges.

I'm usually too picky when it comes to ties and these three are some of the very few I have liked, to date.  Presentations, events or parties, these have never let me down. The black tie is my go to when I want to go minimal and when I'm looking for some whimsy I head to the paisley. The dotted tie is my in-between/when I can't decide tie. My next purchases are decided: A slim knitted silk tie and one from Giraffe Japan.

If I'm picky about ties, I'm approximately 2322^6767 times more picky about the shoes I wear. Believe it or not, I went to 8 stores in under an hour before I found my pair of black dress shoes. After what felt like hours, I walked into a store I wasn't even planning on visiting and serendipitously found these. When I bought these I was desperate but I've grown to love them. I love the classic, traditional feel wingtips lend to a look and the fact that they're slightly long adds length to my frame. As for Kolhapuris, I have to say it's a relationship you have to build with them. The first few times you wear them, your feet are left smarting and bitten but over time, they become more comfortable than everything else you own. I usually buy the darker, oiled versions with no embellishment, but I bought these because the store didn't have a dark pair without the gold and not before long, I couldn't imagine wearing them without it!

Isn't there something wonderful about the way leather ages? I bought this belt at least five years ago and it's stuck with me all through my waistline/style fluctuations. I can't bear to let it go even though it's stretched out of shape and buckle-less now. The colour and texture are spot on and I haven't found a worthy replacement just yet. To think I picked this up from a Benetton factory store for only र 600.

My favourite scent changes fairly frequently, I guess I haven't quite found my signature yet, but it's always light and citrus inspired. Right now I'm loving La Bateleur from the D&G Anthology. I always appreciate minimalism and for me, just looking the bottle was half the battle won. I've been using it very generously and I must decide on what I'm trying next.

I couldn't go without posting a couple of shots of my paints, mostly because they're so colourful but they're also really good quality, I've been using them a lot of late.

It is obligatory that I say that all the photos were taken by me and the ones set against a magazine were taken on a copy of French Elle from 2005, when they celebrate 60 years of the magazine. I still remember when my dad brought it back from his trip, I pounced on it and read it every day after school! Well, I can't really say read, it was in French. Beautiful, beautiful magazine though.

So those were some things I love and treasure, what are your favourites?


  1. nice collection and love the way you ve clicked them! look fab!
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  2. just discovered your blog through sunday link party.
    I like ur sketches esp the last one. Pink dress.:)

  3. Awesome stuff there. :P
    Yes we all do have those things we treasure. Hand me downs are some of the most treasured thins. Mine would definitely be the scarf mom gave me and a vintage skirt. :)


  4. Love the aviators!! I am fawning over colored denim these days! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  5. liked your favorites and awesome photographs !:)