Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some work in the meanwhile.

Posting's been a bit of a bother recently and coupled with the laziness, not much happens. I know, I'm sorry.
I've been doodling recently and this time I broke out my *GASP* water colours.
That was a silly gasp, most of mine are. Pfff

Anywayyyyy, here's some stuff. Some of it is nice, some not so much. Have a gander and tell me what you think?

Sorry for the picture quality, they were taken in poor light with an iPad.


  1. The third picture, saree with the jacket, should make a good outfit:) I like your blog..different from the other fashion blogs I have visited:)

  2. u have such a unique way of sketching figures...its interesting... liked reading your previous post as well..X

    1. I hope you mean interesting good!